Debra and Daniella's Helpful Hints:

1. We would recommend that you get the H1N1 Vaccine.  It is now being  administered for free through  The Department of Health.  Call: 02-531-4820 to make an appointment. 86 Yafo St. They are open from 8 AM-1 PM  Sunday - Thursday.  You must bring your passport-if you are under 18 you will also need a letter of consent from a parent.  It is also advisable to bring your insurance card (just in case!)

2. Laundry in Israel can be a challenge-the water is "hard" which can cause whites to turn grey and colors to be dull.  We recommend using an Israeli brand detergent such as Sano Maxima and adding one of their laundry boosters.  There is one for colors and one for whites.  In addition add a box of baking soda (the boxes in Israel are small and baking soda is "soda l'shtiya" in Hebrew)  It boosts the detergent and keeps colors brighter and whites whiter.

3. When you use the Israel Railway, you must keep your ticket in order to get out of the station.  Without a ticket you will have to pay again in order to leave. Keep that ticket!!!!

4. Did you know that single tickets on Egged buses within Jerusalem are valid for 75 minutes, allowing users to ride on as many buses as they like within the time.  As long as the passenger boards the last bus before the 75 minutes end, he/she can ride the bus to the destination.  One punch on a cartisiya, entitles the rider to the 75 minute ticket as well. (Givat Zeev, Mevaseret Tsion and Maaleh Adumim are included.)

5.  Need a safe place to stay for Shabbat ANYWHERE in the world?  Now there is a great website called See You On Shabbos that helps you find just that place.  Check out and enjoy!


Send us any helpful hints you have-you will receive a special gift from us!!!  We look forward to hearing from you. 


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