Frequently Asked Questions 

It's the beginning of the year in Israel and my child is feeling "blue"

Like many adjustments to change-spending a year in Israel is also an adjustment commonly referred to as "Cultural Adjustment".  Your child will experience many stages:

Honeymoon Period: Initially, you will probably be fascinated and excited by
everything new. Visitors are at first elated to be in a new culture.
Initial Adjustment: Everyday activities such as housing and going to school
are no longer major problems. Although the visitor may not yet be perfectly
fluent in the language spoken, basic ideas and feelings in the second language
can be expressed.
Mental Isolation: Individuals have been away from their families and good
friends for a long period of time and may feel lonely. Many still feel they cannot
express themselves as well as they can in their native language. Frustrations and
sometimes a loss of self-confidence result. Some individuals remain at this stage.
Acceptance and Integration: A routine (e.g., work, school, social life)
has been established. The visitor has accepted the habits, customs, food, and
characteristics of the friends, associates and the language of the country.
Return Anxiety, Re-entry Shock, Reintegration
While these stages play an important role in a visitors’ adaptation to a new
culture, many students are surprised to experience the very same feelings upon
reentry to the U.S. Re-entry shock can be even more difficult than the initial
culture shock because it is so unexpected.

These are natural feelings. Your son/daughter should be encouraged to go out and explore the country and take advantage-this is a once in a life time experience.  If these feelings appear to be more troubling, your child may need to speak to someone. We work with a number of professionals and can assist you with an appropriate referrral. Do not hesitate to contact us

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How do I choose the best program for my child?

This is the Million Dollar Question.  There are many programs out there. Please be in touch with us and we will help guide you with what questions to ask, what programs are out there and what you should look for.

The senior year of high school is a very stressful time for both you as a parent and for your child.  The child is faced with making decisions which really do affect the rest of their lives and you are faced with the challenge of facilitator.  As a parent, you want what is best for your child,and at the same time you want your son/daughter to make decisions on their own as well. 


We are available to guide you as well through this most important journey.  We can arrange a phone call and or email conversation. Please contact us at:

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There has been much discussion about the Gap year of study in Israel and its value.  You can read an educational discussion which took place on the Lookstein Center list serve know as Lookjed

We have compiled the discussion and you can read it here

 We feel that it is important to read this and be informed about what to expect of your child and of the school during the year abroad.





MASA (Israel Journey) funded by the Jewish Agency, has a great site where you can find a variety of one year programs.  Check it out at: