Advice and Information:

Phone Ettiguette: With blackberries and cell phones second nature at this point, communication among friends has changed completely.  Texting, bbming has become the way to go in terms of being in touch with people.  While this form of communication has become more and more acceptable, rules must apply in term so when it is appropriate to text and when one needs to just put the phone down and talk.  It is easy to fall back on texting and communicating via facebook while away from home.  You are out of your comfort zone and to be surrounded by sights and sounds that are familiar.  This is certainly understandable.  But make sure to take a step back, to put the phone down and just look around you, become familiar with your surroundings and meet new people!  The following article about Nomophobia

Eating disorders have become more prevalent. As so much is "out there" in today's world, young people are so conscious about looking "good".  Coming to Israel for the year comes with its own set of pressures.  Leaving a safe community, having to make new friends and adjust to new surroundings can be difficult.  A young person may manifest the adjustment issues through an eating disorder.  This can easily be hidden. 

We will continue to write more about this.  Please read this important article and talk with your child about fears, issues that he/she may be struggling with prior to coming to Israel.