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Here is a link to the Jerusalem Municipality website to find out the latest on what is going on around town.


For the latest and most extensive information on what is happening all over the country this week, go to .

Find walking tours of Jerusalem in English, lectures, music and art events, Shabbat programs,  and more......for Jerusalem only check out

For the latest programs , places, attractions in Jerusalem for children and teens go to  www.funinjerusalem. com

For up to date info on Go Karting, Rock Climbing and Bowling, check out http://funinjerusal 06/sports/

For great day trips, check out  http//

Midnight Biking tours through old and new Jerusalem- for more info go to

We recommend this site by Mireet Wolf for some great touring ideas:


Here is some important transportation information. Jerusalem has a magnetic card "Rav Kav" system. Click here for details.


Take advantage of the mild weather and take a segway tour with Ir David.

How about a nice hike around Jerusalem. Check out this blog with some great hiking suggestions.

 Looking for "off the beaten path" activities:  Check out this bike trail on Burma Road

Check out other sites below.


Tower of David Museum
There is always a reason to check out the amazing Tower of David Museum's "Night Spetacular" light show. The performance includes breathtaking sounds and a unique light show on the walls of the citadel. Make sure to bring a jacket and maybe an umbrella too. . 
For more info:
Tel: 02 6265333


Did you know that bike rentals are available in Jerusalem?  Contact Debra and Daniella at for details.


The Israel Museum has reopened and it is spectacular!  Click here for details of special programs and schedules.  

And here are some ongoing happenings in Jerusalem:

Fabulous crafts fair and farmers market every Wednesday evening in the Adam School yard (across from the Coffee Mill on Emek Refaim) and Fridays in the ICCY on Emek Refaim.

National Library on the Givat Ram Campus of Hebrew University has a new exhibit-
In the Footsteps of the Besht.  The exhibition is open to the public from Sunday-Thursday 9 AM-7:30 PM and friday from 9-12:30  Admission free.

 Read below for other great ideas in and around Jerusalem!!!!!


The Hurva Synagogue in the center of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City has been rebuilt and is now open to the public-here is the schedule:

Sunday through Friday

6 AM - 9 AM     open for all

9 AM - 6:00 PM  closed to all except TOURS

TOURS by reservation only: tel. (02) 626-5900 (Hevra office)

NIS 25 for adults

NIS 15 for children, students, soldiers, etc.

Note: only those on tours may ascend to the 'galleria' encircling the rooftop dome

6:30 PM - 8 PM  open for all


closed to the public at 2:30 PM (all tours stop)

OPENS at 6:30 PM for public - until 8 PM



Sunday through Thursday


1st minyan is vatikin (30 minutes before netz/sunrise)

2nd minyan is 7:45 AM

MINCHA - MA'ARIV - (week day)

30 minutes before sh'kiyah/sunset - daily mincha

30 minutes after sh'kiyah/sunset - ma'ariv

Friday - erev Shabbat

mincha - 30 minutes before sh'kiyah/sunset (10 minutes after candlel ighting) 

kabbalat shabbat immediately follows mincha

ma'ariv - 30 minutes after sh'kiyah/sunset

 Shabbat day

1st minyan is shacharit vatikin - 45 minutes before netz/sunrise

2nd minyan at 8 AM

Hurva closes at 11:30 AM

opens at 5 PM for public

Avot u'vanim (fathers & sons learn together) 1 hour before mincha (5:20 PM)

mincha immediately follows (6:20 PM)

closed after mincha for 30 minutes

ma'ariv: after shabbat ends (40 minutes after sh'kiyah/sunset)

Hurva closes 8 PM to public



Scoll down for tour and museum contact information


*Trektorim-great fun for the entire family-in Kfar Adumin-(opposite Maale Adumim)

*Check out the Jerusalem Municipal Website for detailed information about happenings around Jerusalem and their locations:

*For clear, in-depth maps of Jerusalem go to

*For a complete list of all the one year women’s programs in Israel, go to

*For a place to go for Shabbat go to or call 052-649-5420.


Check out our  Volunteer while in Israel page for great volunteer ideas.

What better way to remember your year in Israel than with an act of Chessed-join Hoops for Hope with your friends.  Click here for details

For information about on-going exhibits in Jerusalem, see below!  

To contact us, send an email to  We will be happy to assist you in planning your day, recommending tour guides etc.


One Jerusalem
Phone: 1-800-202-091
The City of David Visitor’s Center 
Phone: 1-800-252-423
Address: ShiloachVillage, Jerusalem
Kotel Tunnel Tours  and Generations Tour

Phone: 02-627-1333

Museums In Jerusalem

The Bible Lands Museum

Phone: 02-561-1066
Wohl Archaelogical Museum
Phone: 02-628-3448
Address: 1 Hakaraim St., Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem
Israel Museum 

Phone: 02-670-8811

The Davidson Center (Southern Wall Excavations)


Tel: 02-627-7550

The Kotel Tunnels and Generations Exhibit

Tel: 02-627-1333

Menachem Begin Heritage Foundation 
Phone: 02-565-2020
Bloomfield Science Museum
Phone: 02-654-4888
The Museum On The Seam 
Phone: 02-628-1278

Address: 4 Hel Hahandassa St, Jerusalem

The Tower of David Museum



Points of General Interest
Amunition Hill
Phone: 02-582-8442
Address: 5 Shragai St., Jerusalem
Tisch Family Biblical Zoo
Phone: 02-675-0111
Supreme Court

Phone: 02-675-9612

The Knesset Tours

Phone:  02-675-3416   

Day Trips 

The Tel Aviv Marina houses a number of companies that offer a variety of tours and courses for those who love the water:

*The Octopus Diving School offers diving courses at all levels  03-527-1440.

*The Sea Center Club offers rentals of windsurfing equipment and kayaks.  They offer courses as well.   03-522-6246

*Top Sea Surf as you can tell by its name, is all about surfing.  Located across from the Marina, they offer surfboard rentals and  lessons.   050-432-9001

*Ofek Yachts offers rentals of rubber boats called rib crafts with high powered engines so that you can pull a water skier or tuber behind you. They also offer two hour tours off the coast off Tel aviv or the rental of a private yacht and skipper.  03-529-9988

Danit Tours offers rentals of yachts of all sizes and can provide food and entertainment as well. 052-340-0128

For sailboat rentals or sailing lessons, Lev Hayam is the place to go. 03-523-6730

Museums outside Jerusalem

Eretz Israel Museum 


Address: 2 Haim Levanon St., Ramat Aviv


Dialogue In The Dark and Invitation to Silence


Phone: 1-599-585-858

Address: 1 Mifratz Shlomo St., Holon

The National Parks Authority offers a pass good for 36 parks and archeological sites. Valid for 14 days, it's sold at the major parks, or may be obtained from the National Parks Authority office, 4 Rav-Aluf Maklef Street, Hakirya, Tel Aviv

Tour Guides

Are you looking for a tour guide to make your trip to Israel a memorable one? 

Is this your first family visit and you are looking for someone who will have a list of places to take you to that will work for everyone in the family? 

Have you already seen everything there is to see and now are looking for someone who can take you to places that are off the beaten path?  

 Please let us know what you are looking for and we will match you up with the right guide.  We can also give you a number of choices from our roster of tried and truely amazing people who will show you Israel and make it special! 

Handicapped Accessible Tours and Sites
*Old City tours with Rebbetzin Feiga Kahana for wheelchair users and/or those aided by walking devices for further information call: 02-582-2058

*Cave of the Patriarchs (Mearat Hamachpela) is now Handicapped accessible

Places To Stay

If you are looking for a place to stay that is definitely off the beaten path,  Moshav Avnei Eitan in the Golan  may be the place for you. The settlement offers bike rentals, donkey and jeep trips and a swimming pool and mini- market nearby.  The community has a synagogue and Mikvah. To see pictures of the guest houses on this Moshav and to see other options in the Golan go to: