• New-Now you can rent a Blackberry in Israel. Click here for details!
  • Need a Cell phone while you are here in Israel? Whether here for a short stay or a long one , we have the phone company that will provide excellent service and the best prices on the market.

        For information go to www.atsisrael.com

  • The most comprehensive and easy to use map of Jerusalem-divided by neighborhhods with listings of almost every restaurant in the area (bathrooms as well. Use any of our services (apartment rental, linen purchase) and receive a free map. Order maps through us at: here4theyear@gmail.com
  • Thinking of coming to Israel for a year of study? Consider enrolling in
    a member Yeshiva or Seminary on the Yeshiva University S. Daniel Abraham
    Israel Program.

    Did you know that 82% of all Yeshiva University graduates have spent at
    least one year studying in Israel? The S. Daniel Abraham Joint Israel
    Program at Yeshiva University partners with 43 yeshivot, seminaries and
    midrashot throughout Israel, enabling students from across the globe to
    participate in a very important year of learning and growing.

    As a participant in the YU Israel program you will have direct access to
    YU Deans, Roshei Yeshiva, academic advisers, admissions representatives,
    and financial aid representatives throughout the year. In addition, you
    will be invited to join various events sponsored by YU which will
    enhance your year of learning and growth.

    Students enrolled in the Israel Program are considered YU undergraduate
    students and are eligible for university credit and all applicable state
    and federal financial aid programs. In order to assure continuing
    excellence of the overall education provided, YU has designed and
    conducts an assessment process which allows the schools to explore and
    build on their strengths while at the same time identifying areas for
    enhancement, thereby assuring that our mutual students are receiving the
    very best quality education on an ongoing basis.

    For more information on members schools and how to apply to Yeshiva
    University and the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program please visit