Great out of the way restaurants in Jerusalem 

Agas Vetapuach

Italian-born Geonatan Ottolenghi cooks homestyle Italian food using recipes passed down through his family from generation to generation.

Location: 6 Jaffa Rd., Jerusalem

Tel: 02-623-0280


Friendly and fun vegetarian Indian restaurant in the heart of Machane Yehuda. Only fresh, local produce used.

Location:Rehov Eshkol 4

Tel:054-486-8734, 050-224-7070


Top class grill with a menu which combines French cuisine and home grown raw materials.

Location: 7 Shatz St, Jerusalem

Tel: 02-623-0056, 622-1042


An Israeli sushi chain, has recently opened a kosher branch in Jerusalem. Situated in the center of the city, this small restaurant is both hip and elegant. Offering and extensive selection of kosher Japanese delicacies including  a broad vegetarian menu, Japanika is open Sunday to Thursday 11:00 to last customer, Friday 11:00 until 2 hours before Sundown and Saturday night one hour after sundown until last customer. 

Location:Located at Shlomtzion HaMalkah 1, Jerusalem


Waffle Bar

Italian dishes and delicious desserts including Belgian waffles and French crepes

Location: 41 Derech Beit Lechem


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