Shabbat Hospitality


Your year in Israel is going to fill with many new and exciting opportunities.  Some of you have been to Israel a number of times-but you have not "lived" in Israel for the year-experiencing shabbatot and chagim without your family.Your school will offer a number of "in" shabbatot-the opportunity to spend shabbat with your classmates and teachers.  There will be lots of "free" shabbatot as well.  These can be anxiety provoking, especially for someone who has limited family and friends here.  Don't just take the "safe" way out and either stay in your dorm room or rent a hotel room with a few friends and sleep in.  Use this time to eperience the country and to meet new people.  Your school will be happy to find a place for you.  You can also contact us (no later than Tuesday evening before the shabbat you want to go away) and we can place you as well.

Some Shabbat Etiquette Pointers

It is important to remember that Israel has a 6 day work week.  Kids go to school Sunday- Friday as well.  Even for those people who do not work on Friday-it is the only day to catch up on errands both in and outside of the home.  Families love to host and meet new people.  You need to be respectful however of the beat of the home. Please do not wait until the last minute to call to ask to spend shabbat-try to make arrangements before Wednesday.  When you call, offer to bring your own linen (remember that your hosts are off to work Sunday morning so need to do all of their shabbat clean up on Saturday night!)  Be the best guest that you can be.  Go to shul with the family members, prepare a dvar torah -it does not have to be about the parsha-share something you learned that week.  If there are small children in the family, offer to play with them so that the parents can rest.   You can truly have a memorable shabbat and learn from each other.

We are here to offer advice, tips and can even purchase the gift you forgot to buy for the hosts.

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